Product Features

Increase Efficiency

  • Track jobs that are falling due, in real time.
  • Automatically assign jobs to staff based on their current load or skill level.
  • Balanced distribution of jobs so that no staff is overwhelmed with work or underutilized.

Increase Accuracy

  • Auto populate specific data fields in the job template. This saves time and makes filling up template information error-free.
  • Auto creation of different versions of transcribed documents during the workflow process, no need to manually copy, save and upload various versions of files.

User Friendly

  • Screen layouts were carefully planned and follow principles of web usability.
  • Next generation screen designs that make the application a delight to use.

Own Branding

The application can accommodate different design templates for each company client, making it possible to keep your corporate look and maintain your service brand.

1-800 Voice Calls or Digital Recorders

The application can integrate with voice calls made using a 1-800 Toll Free Number. The recorded voice file is automatically registered in the system as a new job. Your clients can also use digital recorders and we have a software utility for secdure uploading of the voice files.

Fully Tested

Having already processed tens of thousands of jobs means the system is stable and reliable. Any major issues has already been resolved.

Other Features

  • Quick Summaries in the dashboard section shows what is important for each different type of user. Items that need attention are immediately highlighted and appropriate action can be taken.
  • Job approval by a doctor has an option for auto generation of digital signature.
  • The system completely logs all activities for all type of users.
  • The system admin can each job during the whole production process workflow.
  • Full reports on production data, billing summaries in both PDF and Microsoft Excel format.
  • Accommodate different time zones, so that each user sees activities in their own time zone.
  • Auto line count generation for MS Word Documents.
  • System Administrator can override most functions, thereby providing flexibility in exceptional cases.
  • Auto printing of multiple final documents by batch, without need to download file one by one or printing one by one.
  • Auto download of multiple audio files with a single click action.
  • System Administrator can edit multiple job details with a single button click.
  • Powerful and intelligent search system, for clients to search on previous jobs or for staff to refer to previous works.
  • Split one job into multiple number of jobs, and have these split ones follow the properties of the original job.
  • The administrator can create a message notification for all logged in users.
  • Single instance of login for all staff users. If the staff user has logged in from one location, she cannot login again from another location without logging out first.

Secure and HIPAA Compliant

  • Option for all files to be saved remotely on the secure server, with no files saved locally.
  • All communication with the remote server uses HTTPS secure 256 bit SSL data encryption.
  • Option for users to log in only from a single, specific location and the system will not allow same logins from multiple locations.


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Frequently Asked Questions


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  2. How is a TASP HIPAA compliant?
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